Financial assistance by Germany to control and curb tuberculosis in Tanzania by APOPO


The Embassy will financially support a project of APOPO, an experienced NGO in Tanzania, in the health sector in 2017 by donating 36 mio. TSh. Due to their outstanding scenting ability specially trained rats are able to examine and evaluate 40 spit samples within 7 minutes of suspected tuberculosis patients and confirm or exclude the possible infection.

The successful project in Dar es Salaam will be extended with the support of the Embassy to the Dodoma region where in the beginning eight hospitals will deliver daily spit samples to a laboratory in Morogoro to be tested. Due to the time-saving and effective examination of the TB-samples it will be possible to quickly begin the treatment of infected patients and effectively prevent the further spreading of TB in densely populated areas. The overall goal is to curb tuberculosis and reduce the high costs of treatment for the Tanzanian health sector.

The agreement was signed by the Deputy Head of Mission John Reyels and the APOPO representative Christophe Cox and Dr. Georgies Mgode in the German Embassy in Umoja House on July 26th, 2017

Development Cooperation  Desk Officer of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Ms. Heike Jope (Centre with the Rat) and Legal Adviser of the Embassy, Mr. Johannes Klotz (left back) visited APOPO Centre in Dar with the APOPO team to see the ability of this special  trained rats.

Deputy Head of Mission John Reyels(Right) and the CEO of APOPO representative Christophe Cox (Centre) and Dr. Georgies Mgode (Left)-Signing Ceremony at the Embassy in Dar es Salaam today.


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