History is in the making in Canada


An historic stand against the fossil fuel industry is taking shape right now in Canada. A giant tar sands oil pipeline, known as the Kinder Morgan pipeline is being laid across British Columbia. While this may seem like a world away, this pipeline has been compared to a fuse for a massive climate bomb (the dirty oil from the tar sands). Make no mistake, if it is allowed to go off, it will have dire consequences for all of us, especially here in Africa.

The pipeline not only is a danger to our climate but it runs roughshod over the rights of Indigenous communities of Canada and across the planet. As one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change, we are calling on the Canadian government to immediately stop this disastrous project.

The battle to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline is one of the most critical climate fights in the world right now. Local opposition has been huge. Over 10,000 people marched on the streets in Vancouver, and (so far) over 100 people have been arrested for direct action. But they need our help.

So here’s the plan. We will send thousands of messages directly to our closest Canadian embassy telling them that the Kinder Morgan pipeline would destroy our climate, violate Indigenous rights and harm Canada’s reputation on the global stage. We know that embassies pass on information directly to national governments, and so we can be sure that our messages will filter back to the Canadian government in Ottawa.

Will you stand in solidarity with the communities fighting Kinder Morgan?

The Canadian tar sands are one of the largest and dirtiest pools of carbon on the planet. New pipelines like Kinder Morgan would allow for massive expansion of tar sands — and bring us dangerously close to blowing past the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement. This is an unacceptable risk.

When politicians like Justin Trudeau fail to make the right decision, it’s on people like us to lead the way instead. So we need to show global solidarity with those in Canada as this isn’t just a Canadian issue, this is a battle to stop millions more tons of CO2 being pumped into our atmosphere. So let’s stand in solidarity and add our powerful collective voice to the fight.

Can you help by sending a message to your local Canadian embassy?

Chris, and the 350Africa team.

PS – Want to know about the resistance to Kinder Morgan? Follow this link for more information.



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